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BRILHO Programme

BRILHO Programme is an initiative of the UK Government in partnership with the Government of Mozambique officially launched in July 2019.

BRILHO is a 5-year program with national coverage that will catalyse off-grid market in Mozambique, promoting and supporting business initiatives that can provide affordable clean energy solutions to companies in a competitive and sustainable way.

The BRILHO Program offers selected companies a unique mix of structured non-reimbursable funding and specialised support.

Businesses can apply for BRILHO’s MDF financial support the Market Development Fund (MDF) BRILHO ranging from £50,000 and £1,500,000, to be delivered in the form of the following grants-based mechanisms:

- Catalytic Grants (CG) e;

- Result Based Financing (RBF).

This initiative is aimed at private companies, social enterprises (associations, cooperatives, NGOs or similar which operate a joint venture to generate profits that are reinvested internally).

The application process consists of two stages:

- Expression of Interest and;

- Complete Proposal.

For more information and to submit applications from interested companies visit www.BrilhoMoz.com or contact supporte@BrilhoMoz.com.

BRILHO plans to launch annual competitions for applications to be announced publicly.

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