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MB Consulting, SA  is a Mozambican company which was established in 2010 and has the following

  •  Established under the Mozambican laws and it has its head office in Maputo, Mozambique.
  • It is leaded by Mariam Bibi Umarji, a Mozambican young woman. The company is not under any
    foreign entities’ or individuals’ control.
  • It is a Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), a non-governmental organization, established in
    2010 and in operation since then.
  • The company has a track-record, it is well respected, and it provides services to the Government,
    Development Partners Community, Civil Society, Parliament / Assemblies and Private Sector.
  • It has capacity to provide services in any province and district in Mozambique.
  • It has provided services in other countries such as Angola, Cape Verde, Malawi, Tanzania, South
    Africa and many others.
  • It is prepared (and it has already built a track-record) to provide services in other countries (it has
    a particular capacity to provide services in Portuguese-speaking countries).
  • The company employs full-time staff including admin and executive staff.
  • The consulting and advisory team has also the capacity to provide training and capacity building.
    The company provides training on a regular basis and it has been certified by IFC / World Bank
    SME Initiative.
  • The administrative staff is qualified, and it ensures appropriate management (administration,
    finance, human resources, marketing, logistics, among others) and it supports both the consultants
    and customers with regard to any administrative-related need.
  • MB does not owe any tax or social security in Mozambique, neither has any outstanding disciplinary
    nor legal action against it.
  • The company is dully registered in the GoM UFSA “Functional Unit for Supervision of Procurement”.
  • It is a “Made in Mozambique” meaning it employs and nurtures local Mozambican talents.
  • It is certified an ISO certified company by the National Institute for Standards and Quality (INNOQ)
    by the International Quality Management System, Quality Norm “NM ISO 9001: 2015”.
  •  MB Consulting, SA in the years it decided to compete, was ranked amongst the “100 Best SMEs in

By using our company MB Consulting, SA. you will be supporting a local SME, 100% Mozambican
owned that specializes in the provision of the following services: Consultancy, Advisory, Technical
Assistance, Project Management, Vocational Training and Capacity Building, Private Sector
Development, Civil Society Support and Development Services, etc. We have particular expertise in
the area of Public Financial Management and Strategic Planning.
Our team is young but experiment, dynamic and responsive to each client project needs. Up to date,
the team has delivered high quality level services to its customers. We make all efforts to add value to
all of our customers services and requests.
The team has also sound experience in the application of PEFA (Public Expenditure and Financial
Accountability) Methodology and many other Development Partners assessment tools for different
levels of government, sectors and stakeholders.
We also provide support in areas related to Aid Modalities and Fund Management. Services include
design of modality or instrument to the operational details of financial management, procurement
management, capacity building and administrative support.


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